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“Buying your first automated packing machine is a big decision.”

With the continuous advancement of industrial technology and increasing market competition, many companies are constantly pursuing mechanical automation to improve work efficiency and reduce production costs.

एक के रूप में industry-leading automated packaging machinery designer and manufacturer, wxtytech’s mission is to help companies reduce bagging production costs and improve packaging efficiency.

Many clients are buying equipment for the first time. They feel that customizing machines is very complicated, but we hope all customers can get good packing equipment quickly. Therefore, today we will use the most straightforward language to introduce our equipment fully. After reading, you will be more clear about how to customize bagging machinery. This article may be the best customization guide about packaging machines on the Internet.

Our equipment is suitable for granular and powder materials and belongs to the pre-made bag packing machine. About bagging lines, there are only four aspects you need to consider.

विषय - सूची

1. Packing Materials

Material is the object of our bagging process. Different materials have different characteristics, and different characteristics will lead to different feeding methods. There are currently three feeders: 1. Gravity feeding; 2. Belt feeding; 3. Screw feeding.

1.1 ग्रेविटी फीडिंग

की विधि गुरुत्वाकर्षण खिला is suitable for ordinary granular materials but not for powders. It is currently the most extensive feeding method because it relies on the gravity of the material to complete the filling process. No additional structural design is required, just let the material fall vertically, and the overall floor space is also the smallest. If the screw is used for feeding, there is a risk of the material being crushed.

1.2 Belt Feeding

RSI बेल्ट खिलाना method is suitable for viscous granular materials. Because the material is sticky, it will fall on the belt and be taken into the metering device to complete the filling process. About screw or gravity, there is a risk of being blocked by materials and insufficient feeding.

1.3 स्क्रू फीडिंग

RSI feeding method of the screw is suitable for powder materials. If gravity or belt feeding is used, the powder will disperse due to the poor sealing of the equipment, resulting in insufficient feeding.

The most commonly used is the dual screw, which consists of a giant screw and a small screw. The big one controls the feeding speed, and the small one controls the accuracy of the feeding. In the beginning, they work together to reach the fastest feeding speed. When the weight is close to the set value, the big auger stops working, and the small screw works to ensure feeding accuracy.

2. Bag Types

Our equipment is suitable for open-mouth bags, वाल्व बैग और टन बैग. The specification of open-mouth bags and valve bags is 10-50 kg, and the specification of ton bags is about 1000kg.

For open-mouth bags, we have two methods: manual bag loading and mechanical bag loading. The corresponding mechanical structure is a semi-automatic packaging machine and a fully automatic packaging machine. The semi-automatic packaging system has the characteristics of low price, but high labor cost; the fully automatic packaging system has the characteristics of high price and low labor cost. Buyers can choose the bagging method according to the bagging needs and output of their projects.

3. Work Environment

The material used in conventional manufacturing equipment is carbon steel, which is the most cost-effective. If the materials and working environment are corrosive to the equipment, stainless steel can be used to make the machine. And you can choose that the whole equipment can be made of stainless steel or the part in contact with the material should be made of stainless steel. To meet the packaging requirements and extend the service life of the equipment.

4. Optional Function

Many steps in the packing process need to be completed. The overall process is divided into feeding, bagging, filling, dust removal, weighing, bag sealing, bag inverting, conveying, weight detection, metal detection, rejection, shaping, coding, palletizing, and wrapping.

Therefore, according to the specific requirements of the project, users can select the corresponding mechanical devices. Then we will combine these devices into a packaging line and carry out debugging to ensure that the entire line can be accurately weighed and stably operated for a long time.

After the above four points, you will have a general impression of the packaging production line that suits you. Then communicate with our engineers for others details, the entire packaging solution can be completely determined.

It is not difficult to customize the packaging machine. We recommend finding a company with rich experience and own a factory. They can flexibly change the technical solution according to your needs. The prices are ex-factory prices, which are very competitive.

Wxtytech is just such a company, and we insist on constantly optimizing services, hoping that buying machines can become very simple and easy.

अगर आपको खरीदना है पैकेजिंग उपकरण, आप कर सकते हैं click here and try to हमसे संपर्क करें. Our packing experts are online now, and they can give you some help and suggestions.


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